How To Change Router Password Read To Know!

Having wireless router is a necessity and many a times there are situation when it becomes difficult to get access to the password. In addition, if you are facing same situation then this piece of write up, is perfect for you, as here you will get to know how you can change the password without much issue and hassle. Apart from that, there are hackers who try to hack the password and the information of course therefore it becomes vital to take up right action. In addition, one of the best-suited options is to change the password so that you can have safe and secure web browsing and the same time it will help you to keep your data safe.

As we all are well aware of the fact that all the default passwords are commercially available in thus it is very easy for the hacker to bypass thus it is important to change admin password so that you can ensure that your device is not compromised.

To help you here we bring you some of the points that will certainly help you to manage it in the more apt manner, so let us quickly see how you can change router password. So here, we bring you general steps that would help you to change the password although these are general instructions therefore it is important to find the information regarding the model and the make. In addition to that, it is important to that consult the router manual that comes along with the router, as this will certainly help you to change the password.

 Step wise information on how to change the router password

  • Press and hold the router button that is on the back of your router, in addition to that you have to hold on the reset button from 10 to 30 sec depending on the brand of router. Therefore, it is important to see the exact amount of time you have to so that you can change the factory default setting.
  • Now connect your router with one of the router’s Ethernet port, make it a point not to connect with the WAN port. In order to have access to admin page you need to have user ID and password so that you can get access to the configuration setting.
  • In the address bar of your browser, enter the IP address of your administration interface, if you are not aware of the IP address then the best is to see in the router manual.
  • Enter the default admin name and password, now click on the admin page that you see on the configuration page, and make it a point to enter the strong password, which is both unique, and the same time it is very strong as well.

Just follow these steps and change router password without any issue and you can not only have safe browsing but also at the same time you can have peace of mind as well.