3η μέρα με τα Χρώματα – ήδη ετοιμάζεται


Εκεί στις αρχές του Σεπτέμβρη του 2014 θα γίνει η 3η μέρα με τα Χρώματα!

Ιδέες υπάρχουν πολλές!

Θα είναι μία υπέροχη μέρα και πάλι.

Δεν κρατιόμαστε…


Enable / Disable Fast User Switching in Windows 10, 8, 7 and Vista

Instructions to debilitate quick client exchanging windows 10 is one of the inquiries which trouble Windows 10 clients a great deal and likely you are additionally searching for a similar answer. What’s more, since you have arrived on this page, we guarantee you about the total information on this very theme.

Yet, before we plunge further into the guide and learn windows 10 debilitate quick client exchanging, we should outline somewhat more on what is quick client exchanging.

Windows 10 quick client exchanging is an element which is intended to enable clients to switch immediately between numerous clients, empowering them to work at the same time on a similar PC. Disable Fast User Switching in Windows 10 Furthermore, it’s not only a Windows 10 include, truth be told, it’s accessible in every one of the Windows forms.

While quick client exchanging is an extraordinary element of Windows and enables client to switch quicker between different client accounts, this element has a few hardships too.

In the guide beneath, we will walk you through all the conceivable arrangements on the best way to incapacitate quick client exchanging on Windows 10 alongside different points of interest. So stay tuned and read along!

Instructions to incapacitate quick client exchanging windows 10

The windows 10 quick client exchanging, in any case, is an incredible element however the issues individuals frequently look because of this element is the over utilization of assets. On the off chance that more clients will be marked in on a similar PC, clearly more assets will be utilized that causes slower framework execution.

Also, on the off chance that you are chipping away at one client account and there are different clients marked in, you can’t just kill your PC unless those client accounts have been logged out.

So these are a portion of the reasons which influence individuals to scan for various techniques to handicap quick client exchanging windows 10. There are three routes through which we can handicap quick client exchanging windows 10. How about we push forward to search for the arrangements!

Strategy 1: Disable Fast User Switching Windows 10 by means of Registry

The primary technique through which we can handicap quick client exchanging windows 10 is by means of Registry Editor. Registry settings are extremely vital piece of the Windows. So before you decide on tweaking registry settings, ensure you take after every one of the means precisely.

Else, wrong registry settings can harm your PC much more and make it unsteady on occasion as opposed to settling the impair quick client exchanging windows 10 blunder. The itemized ventures for the same are given underneath.

Stage 1. As a matter of first importance, you have to go to the Registry Editor on your Windows PC. There are two approaches to reach to the Registry editorial manager. The first is by means of the Run window and the second strategy is by specifically looking in the begin menu’s pursuit bar. Here’s the manner by which you can open the Registry editorial manager on your PC.

  • Tap on the begin menu and sort in regedit in the pursuit bar. Presently tap on the principal result i.e regedit. You can observe the beneath screen capture to comprehend this choice better.
  • The second method to contact the registry proofreader is by squeezing the windows+R keys to open the Run window. Presently type in regedit in the inquiry field and press enter. A screen capture for this progression is given underneath.

Stage 2. In the both the ways, you will experience a client account control window, where you have to give registry manager authorizations to roll out improvements to your PC. Snap Yes and move further.

As sooner you tap the Yes catch, Windows Registry Editor will be propelled on your PC.

Stage 3. In the Registry window, you will see a few choices in the left sheet. Presently you have to tap on the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to investigate its suboptions and after that go to SOFTWARE>>Microsoft>>Windows>>CurrentVersion>>Policies>>System.

On coming to the System, you will see the accompanying window.

Stage 4. In the above screen capture, you can see two parcels of the windows. Presently you have to discover the HideFastUserSwitching alternative on the correct side. On the off chance that you don’t see this choice, no should be concerned. You can just make this esteem.

To do that, without flaw tap on the System alternative and float your cursor over New and tap the DWORD (32-bit)Value. On the off chance that you think that its hard to find the choice, observe the screen capture which I’ve snatched for you.

Stage 5. On following the above advance, an esteem will be made under the framework key with the name new esteem #1. You have to rename this incentive with the Hide Faster User Switching as given in the screen capture beneath.

Stage 6. In the subsequent stage, you are required to Double-tap the recently made esteem named ‘HideFastUserSwitching’ to open its properties window. As sooner the properties window flies up, simply change the Value information from 0 to 1 and keep rest of the settings as it seems to be.

Presently basically click Ok to spare the settings. Observe the screen capture underneath.

At this point, you are finished with every one of the settings. Presently sign out of all the signed in accounts from your PC if there are any and restart your PC to roll out the improvements produce results.

Presently when you turn on your PC, you will see there is no alternate way to switch client in the begin menu or in the primary menu. Windows Book Be that as it may, mind it, the above advances don’t impair quick client exchanging windows 10 however conceals it.

So this is the manner by which you can incapacitate quick client exchanging choice on your Windows PC. Anyway, now lets make a beeline for the following technique to debilitate quick client exchanging windows 10 that fundamentally relevant for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise clients.


2η Μέρα με τα Χρώματα – ο Απολογισμός

Ηταν μία φανταστική ημέρα… Tι ενέργεια κατέκλυσε όσους ληταν εκεί.

Περίπου στις 3000 ψυχές άκουσαν το κάλεσμα της Σφήνας και ήρθαν μαζί μας.  Αγώνες σκοποβολής paintball, ομαδικά παιχνίδια, τοίχος ελευθερης έκφρασης, χρώματα, μουσικές. Ηταν όλα εκεί. Ζητούμε συγνώμη που δεν έφθασαν τα χρώματα για όλους, όμως η προσέλευση ξεπέρασε κάθε προσδοκία….

Επιφυλασσόμαστε πως του χρόνου, το Κόδρα θα βουλιάξει στην χρωματιστή σκόνη!